Jill Gillette, PT DPT Receives the 2018 CNY Physical Therapist of the Year Award

October 2018 – Syracuse, N.Y. - On October 24th Jill Gillette was honored at the Excellence in Healthcare Awards as the Physical Therapist of the Year.  Jill has worked for Liberty POST since its inception in 2011 and has provided early intervention services for over 20 years.  Jill is a natural leader, strong advocate and always looking for ways in which she can increase her knowledge to share with others.

Liberty POST and Liberty Resources, Inc. have long known the excellent work that Jill does every day and are thrilled to see her receive recognition from the community.  She sets a high standard of excellence at our agency and we are excited to see what new accomplishments will come in the future.

Reprinted from the CNY Business Journal: Excellence in Healthcare Commemorative Publication — 10/30/2018

Jill Gillette has been a physical therapist in the Syracuse area for 26 years. She has focused on learning how to join DIR Floortime Approach and Physical Therapy to best meet the needs of the families and children on her caseload. Gillette has focused on any continuing education that meets the needs of her clients at that time, including taking an avid interest in praxis. She is devoted to education and uses that passion to bring information to her staff and community. Gillette credits her success to the people she works with, John Torrens, who took a chance on her many years ago, the Regional Program Director Laura Zaferakis, and the outstanding supervisory team, Tara Pienkowski, Ann Washeleski and Susan Scott who always support her to do and be better. The countless families that have opened their door to her also deserve credit for all the learning and growing opportunities they have provided. Outside of work, Gillette has been a Girl Scout leader for 12 years, assisting in taking her troop across the country for a National Parks Tour in California in 2016. She has hiked with her troop to earn the status of Adirondack 46’r in August 2018. Gillette has an avid interest in camping and hiking and is invested in bringing knowledge of the outdoors to others. Gillette is the mother of two wonderful children. She has been married to her husband, Ron, for 26 years who has always remained that steady support no matter what life has brought.