A Diverse Approach

Therapists at Liberty POST offer a wide range of expertise on child therapy to families in NY

Our therapists offer families a wide range of expertise in a variety of settings—including occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech, special education, music therapy, nutrition, social work, and service coordination—in the privacy of your home or in a professional facility.

Each Liberty POST location offers unique programs such as support groups, specialized summer camps, diagnostic clinics, and sensory gyms.

Clinical Services and Program Development - Early Intervention

The first years of a child’s development are so important, and having a young child with special needs can be overwhelming. Liberty POST has aided children and families through this journey for more than 20 years, making us leaders in the administrative, diagnostic and treatment aspects of these services.

We understand that you know your child best, so we integrate the entire family in the process to make sure we achieve your goals.

With professionals in all areas of development, from physical to mental and emotional, Liberty POST has the expertise to help children—and families—discover and reach their fullest potential.

Preschool Special Education

Helping a child in preschool can foster success in future years. From the initial referral, our staff assists families through the evaluation process to the development of an Individualized Education Plan. Liberty POST employs a number of skilled, experienced teachers and therapists who aid and challenge all learning levels during these highly formative years with close, hands-on attention.

School Aged

It takes a lot to correctly plan a special education and related service program for a public or charter school. There are compliance issues to consider, specific credentials to look for in staff and a familiarity with the process required to create a suitable plan. We have successfully developed and executed a number of these programs while holding paramount the educational needs of the child.

In the planning stage, we serve as evaluators, program advisors and liaisons between the school and government agencies. We have specialized staff to fulfill the plan’s requirements.

Family Wellness

For those clients who wish to contract our services privately, instead of through other avenues such as a school or medical facility, we offer all of our therapeutic and educational services. We pay close attention to our client’s specific concerns, challenges and goals, often in the privacy of their own homes.

Whether our clients require monthly consultation or intensive daily treatment, Liberty POST has the flexibility to tailor our programs to each client, no matter the setting.

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