Starting the Journey

Starting the journey with Liberty POST will help diagnose autism

Depending on the age and needs of your child, Liberty POST is able to provide compassionate and experienced professionals to assist you through the various processes.

If your child is between the ages of birth to 3 years old, we will guide you through the Early Intervention Process from beginning to end. If your child is between the ages of 3 and 5 years old, we will then direct you to the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) in your family’s school district.

If your child is five years old and older, we will help you determine the best route to take to address your concerns for your child.

In whatever capacity you choose to employ us, Liberty POST will guide your students to their fullest potential.

Step 1

Determine your child’s age and area of concern.

  • If between Birth and 3 years, we will refer you to your county’s Early Intervention Program. An Early Intervention Service Coordinator will be assigned to you help get the process moving forward.
  • If between the ages of 3-5, we will refer you to your home school district’s CPSE office. They will typically send a packet of information including a consent to evaluate document. This will begin the process for you.
  • If your child is five years old and older, we will help you determine the best route to take to address your concerns for your child.

Step 2


  • Whether through Early Intervention or CPSE, your child will need an evaluation to determine if he/she is eligible to receive services under these programs.
  • Liberty POST is an approved evaluator in both programs and you are able to choose us if you’d like.

Step 3

Developing a Plan.

  • If your child meets the eligibility requirement to be enrolled in either the Early Intervention Program or the CPSE program, we will develop a plan with you to determine the type of intervention that would be appropriate, the goals that we will be working on and how often intervention will take place. We will also discuss the location of the intervention.
  • For Early Intervention, we will be developing and Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) and for CPSE, we will be developing an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). We will use these documents to monitor progress with your child.

Preparing for an Evaluation

Before the Evaluation.

There are some things you can do to prepare yourself and your child for the evaluation.

An evaluation is more successful if the television and radio are off, the room is well lit and your child has been awake and fed prior to the evaluators’ arrival. If other siblings are to be present, please let them know ahead of time that they are to let their sibling answer the questions first. If the evaluation is to take place at a day care or other community site, we will do our best to make sure the environment is appropriate for the evaluation.

What to Expect.

The evaluation may take place in your home, in a preschool or in a day care, depending on preference and/or area of concern. The evaluators will use various testing materials, generally sitting on the floor in order to engage your child in play-style activities and books. After the tests are complete, the evaluators will summarize the results and discuss them with you during this initial visit.

If you will be present for the evaluation, we encourage you to stay in the room during testing. We find that your child is more at ease with you there. It is helpful if you are available to answer questions regarding your child’s development and to ensure we address any specific concerns you might have. If the evaluation takes place at a day care or community site and you are unable to attend, we will be sure to get information from a caregiver who is familiar with your child and we will also phone you to elicit your input as well.

We integrate the family into evaluations and therapies so you child always feels supported and challenged.

Appointment / Cancellations


Your appointment will be made and a confirmation will be sent to you.

Cancellation policy

  • We realize that children and families get sick and may need to cancel their appointment. Please make sure you remember to contact us to cancel any appointments. We will do our best to reschedule.
  • Sometimes appointments may slip your mind and you forget the appointment and forget to let us know that you were not available. We ask our clinicians to reschedule these appointments; however, if we encounter 3 uninformed cancellations, we will not reschedule the appointment. Please make every effort to keep your appointment with us.

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