Autism Spectrum Services

Liberty Post NY Autism Spectrum Services, Young girl and boy playing with blocks

Liberty POST's customized plans focus on parent choice and grow with each family as their journey develops.

Our program offers flexible sessions that can take place across home and community settings (relatives’ homes, preschool, daycare, grocery stores) based on the child’s strengths and areas of need. Sessions include a balance of interactive play experiences as well as structured and semi-structured activities, in order to foster the child’s ability to relate to others as well as prepare them for school.

As valued team members, parents are encouraged to participate in sessions, and through coaching, better understand their child’s needs. Family support takes on a variety of forms to ensure parents feel confident enough to develop and implement effective strategies and advocate for their child’s needs.

Our clinicians participate in regular mentoring sessions with our own Expert DIR Training Leaders. They also receive additional guidance from our DIRFloortime® consultants and consultation with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with doctoral training (BCBA-D). Mentoring includes reviewing video footage of the child to determine their DIR® developmental capacities and progress, and discuss strategies to support their continued growth.

Our DIRFloortime® providers and ABA providers meet together to allow us to draw on each other’s expertise and use the most effective components for each model to best support children and their families. 

DIR—Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship approach

DIR® stands for Developmental, Individual-Differences, Relationship-Based and it is a comprehensive treatment model that focuses on building healthy foundations for social, emotional, and intellectual capacities. This strength based program seeks to build strong foundations for shared attention, engagement and problem-solving. Parents and therapists help the child maintain focus to sharpen interactions and abstract, logical thinking. To ensure continuing quality of services, our DIRFloortime® providers receive guidance and reflective supervision from Expert DIR Training Leaders.

Assessment and Overview

This initial visit is approximately one hour in length. It includes intake information, play time with your child which is videotaped, and program recommendations. A written assessment of your child's strengths and individual needs will be emailed along with coaching ideas which reflect on your interactions with your child at the initial visit. A PowerPoint presentation with an overview of the Developmental Individual Differences Relationship Model® including video of DIR® practices may be shared with the family.


These visits can be 45 minutes to one hour in length and will be delivered directly in your home or POST clinic. During each session, your clinician will coach you as you play with your child and will model appropriate techniques. These sessions are designed to give you and your family the tools you need to maintain and facilitate enriched interactions with your child when the clinicians are not present. You are welcome to videotape these sessions to review them again at your leisure.

Video Review and Coaching

Families videotape their play sessions at home or at school and submit them for video review by a POST Play Team clinician. Written or verbal feedback will be sent to the family following the video review with ideas for play and enriched interactions.

ABA - Applied Behavior Analysis

ABA is Applied Behavioral Analysis, and it is a comprehensive, systematic and effective evidence-based approach employed to teach students with autism and/or related developmental delays. The science of ABA involves understanding what leads to (or doesn’t lead to) new skills. ABA provides the structure for learning new skills utilizing specific teaching and treatment components, various types of reinforcement and positive behavior support.