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Special Education

Special Education Teachers are specially trained to work with students who have a wide range of unique learning needs. These include cognitive, emotional, social, physical or behavioral aspects of learning. Special Education Teachers individualize and help to differentiate the skills and lessons that are being taught in a classroom environment or that are developmentally appropriate at home. Special Education Teachers work closely with the entire team of professionals who collaborate to deliver what is needed for each child.

Liberty POST Educational Support

To help support parents whose students are learning remotely, Liberty POST is offering 1:1 instruction sessions with a NYSED Certified Teachers. Below is site specific information for each region.

Syracuse - Learning Center Information

NYC - Remote Learning Support

Hudson Valley - Private Tutoring

Social Work

The social work provided by Liberty POST is a specialized area of practice within the broad field of the social work profession. Our staff brings unique knowledge and skills to their practice and the variety of children that they serve. The Social Work Team plays a unique role, as they not only work with the child but also the family unit, the school system and community agencies to create a multi-disciplinary team that allows for the removal of various barriers to development.

Our social workers:

  • Develop a therapeutic relationship with each child.
  • Develop a treatment plan that is individualized and supports a child at their stage of proximal development.
  • Provide individual, group and family therapy as needed.
  • Maintain ongoing and frequent contact with, parents and the child’s school.
  • Attend and assist in the development and implementation of the child’s IEP.
  • Advocate for the child and makes recommendations for additional clinical and support services as needed.
  • Develop and present in-agency parent education workshops.
  • Work with parents and school personnel to sensitize them to student-family-school-community relations which affect a student's overall performance.

Social work may be indicated if the family:

  • Has expressed difficulty managing their child’s behavior
  • Has asked for assistance with parenting skills, strategies, and development tools
  • Has experienced frequent crises
  • Has insufficient family, social, or community support
  • Is having difficulty coping with the child’s disability, diagnosis, and/or prognosis
  • Needs assistance obtaining SSA funding, WIC, medical insurance, daycare, food, clothing, housing, or furnishings
  • Is experiencing marital, parental, or sibling relationship issues
  • Needs assistance following through with the IFSP
  • Has expressed a need for support services beyond Early Intervention and needs assistance with referrals (day treatment, psychiatry, OPWDD)
  • Has experienced CPS involvement and wants family preservation assistance.


Nutrition services are provided by a highly qualified Registered Dietitian. The Registered Dietitian will assess the nutritional needs of the child and help create an individualized nutritional plan.

Our Registered Dietitian can:

  • Assess current intake and calculate the child’s estimated nutritional needs.
  • Monitor growth, height and weight.
  • Provide a nutrient analysis to ensure nutritional needs are being met.
  • Address any gastrointestinal symptoms through diet and nutritional supplements if needed.
  • Manage tube feedings.
  • Provide nutrition education for the family and address any feeding concerns (ie. food allergies/intolerances and restrictions).
  • Provide referrals to community resources related to nutrition.
  • Collaborate with pediatricians and specialists to provide individualized care.

Nutrition evaluations and follow-up consultations may occur in the child’s home at a time that is convenient for the family. The goal of nutrition services is to provide the family and child with the optimal nutritional quality for life. Good nutrition helps fuel the brain and body to do great things!

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