Music Therapy

Music Therapy at Liberty POST | Two boys playing maracas and xylophone

Our Board-Certified Music Therapists work diligently to provide quality care for the children of Liberty POST as well as provide support for their families.

They provide Music Therapy Interventions to enhance development in a variety of areas including physical, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, psychological and social development. Through the use of music therapy techniques, many possible benefits or outcomes could occur such as:

  • Improved interpersonal relationships
  • Development of communication
  • Enriched self-awareness and expression
  • Increased attention span and memory
  • Academic development and transfer
  • Acceleration of speech/language development
  • Augmented cognitive processing
  • Enhancement of motor skills

Music has a unique way to unobtrusively encourage and support expression, creativity, play and academic development in children.

Our Music Therapists have a deep passion for working with children and their families. Inter-disciplinary collaboration between teachers, families and other therapists occur to support and maximize success. Music Therapy evaluations occur to determine qualification and may take place in a child’s home or at school.

Through instrument play, vocal improvisation and movement to music our therapists support a child’s development in a unique and fun way.

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