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Every child develops at their own pace; in their own way. Sometimes along the way, families need some guidance and support.

Is my child behind?

Should my child be doing —-?

Should my child stop doing —-?

I am concerned, what should I do?

At Liberty POST, our psychologists use their knowledge and compassion to help you pinpoint the parts of your child’s development that concern you. We can assess whether or not your child’s skills are delayed and help you determine what services and support that might be eligible for.

For some children who already have documented delays and/or diagnoses, our psychologists are included in the team of providers. Their expertise not only helps parents better understand how their child learns, but also helps them cope with the challenges that often come along with raising a child with developmental differences. Through collaboration with a child’s providers and the medical specialists who may be working with the family, our school psychologists ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals the family has defined.

Our psychologists will accompany families to appointments (e.g., doctors or specialists) and can assist in community outings where parents are in need of support. Our goal is to model strategies that work, to coach parents on ways they can be effective and to help implement plans that are manageable across all team members. To accomplish this, our school psychologists often act as a liaison between home and school/daycare. In some cases, we have done in-services for groups that may be interacting with children who require special care and consideration.

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