Life led me to Liberty POST for so many reasons. I am not only proud to be one of the dedicated professionals working on Liberty POST’s DIR® team, but I am also the parent of a child who benefits from this unique and specialized service. Liberty POST supports the entire family as they process their child’s diagnosis (siblings included). We meet families where they are at and work with them to not only improve the quality of life for their child but to also help families find confidence as they face unexpected (and often unwelcome) challenges. We do not apply a cookie cutter approach, knowing that each child is on a very different journey and will require their own specialized program. Utilizing our coaching in individualized sessions, participating in monthly team meetings, and benefitting from our regular consultations with our DIR® mentor, Liberty POST ensures each family experiences success.
Heather M. Pereira, School Psychologist and Mother of Devyn

When our son, Maddox, was born, there were so many medical terms that were told to us by doctors and specialists. There were words like “cardiology”, “neurology”, “genetics”, “chromosome deletion”, “arthrogryposis”, “clubbed feet”, and “speech delay”. These were words that we had almost no knowledge of, but somehow they become integral in the lives of every member of our family. The specialists gave us very few definitive answers to our questions about what to expect of our son. Consequently, we didn’t expect anything of him. We never expected him to be a normal child that walks, runs, jumps, communicates, feeds himself, drinks from a cup, plays with toys or have any use of his hands. So, how has Liberty Post helped our family? Liberty Post helped us to expect anything of our son and that he is capable of doing so much more than we ever imagined. We cannot express how much our lives have been made better because of Liberty Post. Liberty Post has encouraged him and given him the confidence to work hard and succeed in his attempts to do the things expected of any child. Maddox is walking, running, jumping, communicating, feeding himself, drinking from a cup, playing and using his hands to perform everyday tasks. Additionally, through the Group Sessions at Liberty Post, Maddox has become more social and less afraid of other people. He interacts and plays with everyone and is not dependent on us to be present. We thank Liberty Post for helping our son to surpass our expectations and for helping our family to believe that Maddox can achieve anything and will have a great future in spite of his disabilities.
Christina D.

Liberty POST’s Autism/DIR team was a great choice for our family. Our son’s service providers were experienced and highly qualified professionals, and their collaborative team approach ensured that our son’s services were integrated not just with each other at home, but also with his school-based services. They showed great flexibility in responding to our son’s diverse and changing needs across a variety of settings.
Linda & Rachel, William's Moms

When we received the news that our child was diagnosed with autism, we wanted to make sure that she would receive the best care possible, and select an organization whose focus was to cater to our child’s unique needs. We took the approach of interviewing several different agencies throughout the Monroe County area, representing both DIR and ABA approaches, and Liberty’s approach towards individualized intervention programs really met our needs. Since Liberty has been involved with our child, she has made tremendous strides in her ability to communicate, socialize, and deal with her emotions. We are very thankful for our Liberty team and appreciate all they have done for our family.
Carmen and Carlos C., Maya’s Parents

The Liberty POST DIR staff is actively engaged in mentoring sessions to develop and expand their therapy with children. These mentoring opportunities directly support their professional growth and also benefit the children on their caseload, allowing them to better reach their developmental potential. They are skilled at looking at a child from a variety of perspectives and assessing their needs and providing intervention to meet those needs. They understand the importance of incorporating families into their therapeutic model, knowing they are integral partners towards a child’s success.
Jackie Bartell, MS Spec Ed, 
BOCES 1 Classroom Teacher and DIR Certified Mentor

We have been so pleased with the services offered by Liberty Post. We have found their therapists understand the importance of not only working with the child but the family as a whole. This is important because it helps establish the foundation for community which is a vital skill for children with ASD to learn. We feel that the DIR/Floortime approach practiced by the therapists at Liberty POST was very helpful for our daughter and fit well within our family dynamic. Utilizing our daughter’s interests with persistent engagement and support, provided a model that was compatible with who we were as parents and a family.
Beth & Rich, Lilah's parents

I support DIR because of the level of support our clinicians provide for each family. The entire team has a strong skill base in their individual disciplines. This has a direct role in the problem solving that takes place for each need the child has. This helps the child succeed in developing progressive skills and relationships with family, therapists, and teachers.
Jessica Harrington, M.S. CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist

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